WedsSport TC105N – 17×9.5!

2017 plans slowly coming together – first major change, moving from OEM 17×8 BBSs to 17×9.5 WedsSport TC105Ns. Wheels look much better in person than they did in pictures. Despite being 1.5″ wider, they are roughly 16.3lbs, 1.5lbs lighter than the OEM wheel. Will move from 245/45-17s on OEM wheels to 255/40-17s, hopefully see a sizable gain in grip and drop in laptimes. Expecting some changes in the balance to the car, so will start off with the RSB back to the middle, from soft. The rear fenders will also need a minor roll.

Big thanks to my new sponsor, Kami Speed for the wheels!



2 thoughts on “WedsSport TC105N – 17×9.5!

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