2017 Plans

2017 Index

Plans to get the cars ready for 2017 – may change from time to time.


  • Change tires from 205/50-16 to 205/45-16 for better acceleration & handling
  • New pads/rotors?


  • New bumper cap, strut tower center bolt, spark plugs, oil crush washer
  • BBS caps x2 – canceled, wheels sold
  • Order new power steering lines (?) – seems fine now to leave alone
  • Redo hood clearbra? – maybe
  • Raise suspension half an inch? – if anything, lower half an inch – will leave alone
  • Realign, re-corner balance, wheel needs balance – done
  • Install new pads (DeFigo, ST43?), test titanium shims with & without – went with girodisc s/s pads again, giving another shot without the track day. running with their redesign ti shims, everything feels fine. wish the car stopped harder but seems ok for now
  • 17×9.5 (Wedssport TC105N), 255/40-17 (RE71Rs)

Recap for Evo setup so far:

2014 season: ohlins, stock bars, WL bushings. Car was very pushy. Added ER ACD tune, which helped turn-in tremendously, but still some kind of mechanical pushiness.

2015 season: purchased ciro caster plates and whiteline RSB to fix the push. Turned out the shop installed the coilover springs at 10/8 instead of 8/10. Added all of those and corrected the spring rates, and the car was extremely loose, biting me mid slalom.

2016 season: Added Tanabe FSB, new tires, and cranked up the shocks. Car is now much more neutral. Tanabe FSB added more push, particularly in tight corners. Car still feels unstable though in slaloms, but overall way better. At the end of the season I increased the front camber from -2.7 to -3.3, which helped mid-corner grip a good deal.

Looking forward: My big changes will be going from 17×8 to 17×9.5, and 255s from 245s. Expect it will increase push, so I’ll decide at the time how I want to adjust.

New Alignment for 2017:

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