Stl Solo 07092017

Very hot & delayed event. Was hoping to make it to Boeing after running first heat with Stl Solo, but delays with the bus meant they didnt start setting up the course until after 730am, and first car off around 11:15.. Did pretty poorly until my last run. Things felt like they clicked better and was able to drop over half a second.

I actually watched my video between runs and noticed early on that I had a high distance from cones. I really worked on turning the wheel earlier in transitions and slaloms to get right on the cones. I still didn’t hit any, so I’m hoping that builds more confidence to continue to attack the line.

The toe out in the rear has really helped maintain rotation through the event, even in the 100 degree heat. I was spraying a lot between runs however. I started pressures at 40/45, but dropped to 39/44 and I think that helped a little. The 205/45-16s also helped with grip and acceleration, I think at my best I’ve picked up a couple of tenths. I was often aroudn 0.8-1.0s behind the Civic Si, this year I’ve been around 0.3-0.5s behind.


Things to work on (Mini):

  • Distance to cones, line
  • Turn in earlier!!! **Did a better job turning in earlier this event. Continue to turn in early with the wheel
  • Slalom speed

Notes (Mini):

  • 8/9 tank, fastest run with passenger
  • Toe out in rear
  • 39psi front, 44psi rear
  • Pax Points: 9,749, +0.960
  • 2017 Runs: 23 (17 on new tires)

2017 Run Count: 47 (+6 Mini)

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