CCSCC 07232017

Drove a friends modified Civic hatch today – roughly 240hp out of a K24, stripped rear interior + cage & coilovers with 225 r-comps. The car was difficult to drive with no power steering or ABS, locking up the front wheels on more than one occasion. Car seemed to turn better being on the throttle and engaging the LSD, which is interesting since that is the opposite of how my cars behave. With the slow rack, I left a lot of distance between cones and had difficulty gauging how fast the car could take a turn. Car performed about how we expected it to do, and likely as fast if not a little faster than my Evo, likely due to the race tires most of all.

Notes (Civic):

  • 1/4 tank
  • 30psi front, 32psi rear

2017 Run Count: 53 (+6 Civic)

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