BSCC 10182015 (Evo)

Day two of the doubleheader back home at BSCC:

One of my favorite courses BSCC put on this year. Very straightforward and flowed well. The one thing I’ve noticed now with Boeing’s events though: they tend to try to make the element super tight at the end in order to slow people down before the finish. IMO this is not the way to go – the safest finish is one where the car is settled – whether WOT or not. The issue was exacerbated by a bump right around the finish – lot of guys spinning out right before the end, knocking out cones and could have been worse than that.

My initial set up had the car feeling very loose – I actually spun out mid slalom at one point, getting preeeetty close to the guardrail. This was even after I had lowered the rear suspension about half an inch – so I am pretty set on putting the RSB back to the soft setting, especially with the PDX coming up. The STU driver in my region said the rear still looked like it was really moving around up and down, and that if I can increase my rebound I should. Unfortunately, my coilovers are single adjustable, so the compression will follow the rebound. I did it anyway, and the car actually did feel better. The rebound must have outweighed the compression. Again, I don’t want to make too many changes before getting the sticky stuff, but for now the RSB to soft will be a simple change – I can do it with the car on the ground.

The one thing I noticed while I was driving was that when I drive the Evo, because the throttle and brakes are so much more intense than the Mini, I am putting a lot of focus on them – when I should gas, when I should brake, how much, how hard, etc. – by the end I realized this was costing me a lot of time. If I focus on the line and the course itself, the inputs naturally follow – the other way around is not true. The moment I stopped focusing on my inputs and started focusing on getting the line right my time dropped immediately. Unfortunately, that was my last run, and I actually hit two cones AFTER the finish. On top of that, it wasn’t even because I got out of control or anything – I just got a little close to the finish line on the driver’s side. Anyway, that is a key thing I need to take away from this event for future events – Line, not inputs.

Things to work on (Evo):

  • Focus on line, not inputs

Notes (Evo):

  • Full tank
  • Rear suspension adjusted lower
  • Settled back around 17 clicks all around – car felt a little more settled. Will try 15 clicks all around for the next event
  • ACD on middle setting
  • Will switch RSB back down to soft

2015 Run Count: 198 (+6 Evo)

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