CCSCC 10172015 (Mini)

Another day trip to one of CCSCC’s events in Rantoul:

Course was actually one of my favorites thus far this season save for a couple elements. I was able to wide open all the way through the first stretch down the course, but it wasn’t until the last run that I tried going into third – I was on the limiter in 2nd for a very very long time and should have tried going to 3rd long before that, but I’m usually resistant about going into 3rd. However, my final run was nearly a full second faster than my fastest, except for a single cone I hit in one of the tightest (and decreasing at that) slaloms I’ve ever been in. I had actually been pretty clean through it before, but pushed a little too hard I guess and knocked one down. Satisfied with my run otherwise, though I had been struggling.

Car feels decent, and tends to feel pretty good in the cold/slick – which it was, averaging around 40 degrees. I still want to get the car a little looser, and will work on the shocks in the off season. I imagine it will pair nicely with the added grip from the RE71Rs. What I need most is to get more seat time in the car – around the end of last year I felt like I could do anything in the car – this year. I’m struggling to find the limit, though I did put on the new-to-me tires recently. Finished 14th in index with a counted 51.464, but would have finished 8th had I kept my last run clean. Top 10 in Champaign on index is attainable for me, and it will be one of my main goals for 2016.

Pax Results
Raw Results
Full Results

Things to work on (Mini):

  • More seat time
  • Anticipate how the car will behave and drive accordingly
  • Slaloms

Notes (Mini):

  • 6/9ths tank
  • Ran 40/42psi
  • 126 +6 runs on Dunlop Z2’s
  • 2.3s behind Adam

2015 Run Count: 192 (+6 Mini)

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