BSCC 10042015 (Evo)

With CIR for 10/3 canceled, the next event was 10/4 at Boeing. I’ve yet to make a CIR this year, and the event that was supposed to be on 10/3 was pushed back to 10/10 – not sure if I will be able to make that though.

Despite a few handful of issues, pressing onward with the Evo. Was a chilly mid 50s day today, even during the 2nd heat while I was running. This is nice, as my ac is still broken and really not sure where the issue is stemming from. Initially thought to be just a loose line that I didn’t tighten down enough, now the culprits are either the compressor or the condenser, with the evo community thinking most likely condenser. We will see…

Course was very slalom/offset heavy today, but overall probably the best BSCC course thus far this year. Would have loved to have taken a crack at it in the Mini – would not have surprised me if the Mini was nearly as fast as the Evo on this course, due to its higher lateral grip. It’s hard to determine much with the Evo right now at these grip levels.

I left the Evo at the settings from the last race. Despite the full tank, the car was extremely tail happy today. Not sure if it was the cold weather or what. Decided the next step for now is to drop the rear about half an inch and see if that does anything to offset it. I did also run lower pressures, which probably also contributed. The nationals STU driver in my region did notice the rake, and that overall the front end looked great, just need to tame the rear end. Didn’t do a great job driving today, probably due to all the slaloms and offsets that I’m struggling with. That, combined with the tail happy-ness of the car today, resulted in some pretty poor steering inputs from me. All my bad habits were there – including turning in more mid corner, which always resulted in tire squeal. Again though, with these grip levels it’s best to just get the seat time in and set up the car next year based on how it handles the new tires.

Finally, tested a different action camera today – the SJ4000+. I’ll probably have a full separate write-up about it later, but overall I’m very pleased with how the camera did. Plenty of battery life, great video and screen, colors fairly accurate and video is sharp, though on the slightly darker side. Worlds better than the Geekpro I ran and less distortion in the video. Today was a cloudy day and the interior video didn’t work so well, but I’m eager to try it on a bright day and see how it works. Will most likely keep this camera for long term use.

Inside View Test:

Things to work on (Evo):

  • Line, steering inputs
  • Turn in earlier in some spots
  • Slaloms!!

Notes (Evo):

  • Full tank
  • 19 turns from stiff all around, car very loose today
  • 33psi
  • Will dial down the rear suspension height
  • ACD middle setting feels fine
  • New goals for once I get new tires – Top 10 Index & Raw at CCSCC

2015 Run Count: 176 (+6 Evo)

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