Stl Solo 10 – 10112015

Final points event of the year for Stl Solo!

Wasn’t the biggest fan of the course – a few spots that really pinched/needed a dig out, but other than that it was okay. I continue my preference for Gateway’s surface, bumpier but flatter and with more grip over there. The new surface at Family is still too slick, and the elevation changes that I used to enjoy now just seem to upset the car in ways I’m not expecting it to.

The Mini felt good today – looser than I remember, but I am still planning on making the car looser still. I’m running 40/43psis, and I think if the bumpstop cut in the front makes it too loose I’ll cut the pressures down to even and that should take care of it. I never got too comfortable in the car though, and wasn’t that crazy about my final run. I was far off from the cones and my line was a little messy in general – perhaps a result from driving the evo so much lately. The numbers seem to indicate likewise, a touch slower than I was in the last few events. Perhaps a little too many runs in the Evo for me to get back in the groove for the Mini, plus we only had 5 runs today. Still testing my new action camera (SJ 4000+) mainly seeing if there was any difference with WDR mode. There doesn’t seem to be any, though in low light situations it seems to make the dark areas a little brighter.

Being the last points event of the year, I’m roughly calculating that I will end up again 17th in index. This is pretty surprising considering I spent most of the year on uncompetitive and totally worn out tires, and the rest on just fairly uncompetitive tires. I plan on jumping to the hot tire (RE71R) shortly after the year begins next year, and hopefully I can do some damage in index next year. For now, I’m satisfied with where I ended up, and am already looking forward to next year!

::Per the final results, looks like someone has jumped up, knocking me back into 18th for the year – so 1 spot below how I did last year. Not discouraging, but a little annoying to have to change my numbers! Overall, my attitude is the same and it is good to see the competition step it up – I will have to do the same!

WDR Off:

Things to work on (Mini):

  • Still need more seat time to figure out the car.
  • Anticipate how the car will behave and drive accordingly
  • Slaloms were slow and far off

Notes (Mini):

  • 8/9ths tank
  • Ran 40/43psi – car loose at Family. Discovered the gauge I’ve been using was broken and underestimating pressure
  • 121 +5 runs on Dunlop Z2’s (got from NB, just flipped)
  • 2.4s behind Adam

I struggled in the Evo on this course as well. Due to the unusual start structure – not only a 90 degree turn at the start but also like a 20ft start before that, had a hard time getting a good start going – the Mini actually had a better start over the Evo and held the lead until the 30s mark in the videos, where after the Evo was really able to put its power down – especially after the dig exiting the turn around. From the final stretch the Evo was able to put about 1.4s on the Mini, so much lower than the 2-2.5s faster than I expect the Evo to do. I think most of it can be attributed to the start, where in a more normal case the Evo really pulls on the Mini. The Evo felt just a hair unstable, and I had meant to lower the rear suspension before the event but didn’t get a chance to. Otherwise I am holding off on making too many changes until after I get the new tires and get a better feel for how much grip the car will have and how the balance turns out. The car right now feels like it’s skating all over the place. I also messed up the caster & alignment when I tried to adjust the driver’s side plate because it was rubbing with the commuting tires, and the car developed a pull to the right which I didn’t get to fix before the event ether. Regardless, the car did feel better than it did the previous event, and the time would have been good enough for 21st in index had I run in STU.

The videos again look quite good in the sunlight – they turned out much better than in the cloudy situation last weekend. I think the case lens could be clearer, but the videos are ok overall. One thing the camera cannot handle, which I tested in the cloudy and sunlight conditions, is video from inside the car. When I want footage from inside, I think it will be best to stick to my normal point and shoot camera.

WDR Off:

Inside View:

Things to work on (Evo):

  • Clean up the line, closer to cones
  • Still learning in what areas I can add more speed
  • Turn in earlier in some spots
  • Faster in the slaloms

Notes (Evo):

  • 1/2 tank
  • 19 turns from stiff all around – switched to 17 all around after the event
  • ACD on middle setting
  • After the event, also adjusted caster, rear suspension lower, 17 from stiff all around,
  • Didn’t play too much with ACD settings, but middle setting is pretty good
  • Goal: Top 10 Index & Raw at CCSCC

2015 Run Count: 186 (+5 Mini, +5 Evo)

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