2015 Evo Prep!

Evo is getting prepped for STU!

A few parts ready to be installed, it’s been a while since I’ve really done anything with my evo.

  • Springs were installed incorrectly all this time (by the shop that stripped my rear diff fill bolt)!! Should have been 8k/10k, but they were 10k/8k. I fixed that and should see a dramatic change in balance – actually the reason I did most of the below was to fix the understeer created by this incorrect setup
  • Ciro Design Caster Plates are on the way – this is to help increase some of that mid corner/long sweeper push I experience in the Evo. Should be able to add about 2* of caster to the car, should help with some of the dynamic camber loss
  • Whiteline 24mm adjustable rear sway bar – I believe the positions are 19%, 4x%, 67% stiffer than OEM. Way different from the Mini’s 400% stiffer rear sway bar, but I’m trying to keep a good amount of rear wheel independence, as there is still a lot of power going to the rear wheels – low speed corners, I do get power oversteer if I just stand on it. Was originally concerned that it wouldn’t be stiff enough, but now that I know the springs were installed incorrectly I think the car will be very well balanced.
  • Car realigned and re-corner balanced
  • Rear diff refresh – by Jon@TRE. I consider this guy the #1 diff/trans shop in the US, hands down.
  • Tune by English Racing – Big thanks to them for all the support they’ve provided throughout the year.

Also special thanks to SPS for the countless alignments, tire mounting, and corner balancing they’ve done!

Otherwise, not too many changes for the Evo – just hoping to get maybe 3x the seat time this season in this particular car. Tires are 245/40-17 Z1SS, will see what she do in STU. I’m counting over 30 events JUST in the STL – Central IL region alone, so not planning to go anywhere else more than a handful of time – 2015 should be a fun year!

Side note, I lost my wheel lock key for my Evo, had to provide McGard with a picture of the lock for them to send me a new one – thankfully it worked, and was able to get the wheels off and stored, at least for the remainder of the winter!

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