2015 Plans

A few changes planned for 2015 but nothing major…

I guess the biggest change is that I now co-own a 1993 Mazda Miata. Pretty random and I don’t imagine I’ll be driving it too often, but I’ll definitely take it for a few runs, help set it up etc. It was mainly for my other co-owners to get a car we could sink our teeth into and they could get some seat time for. No pics yet, but we will probably be storing it at my house so I’ll be sure to post some up then.

Mini: Not too much here, car has pretty much been in racing trim since I’ve gotten it. The only other thing I could do in HS is to swap out the catback exhaust, which to me isn’t worth it.

  • Minor setup changes with suspension/alignment
  • Upgrading the stock rear view mirror to auto dimming rear view mirror
  • Stud to lug conversion

Evo: Same for the Evo, not too much going on. Hoping to decrease a little lockup on decel to aid turn in. Going along with that, I’ll be adding caster plates to help the mcstruts with dynamic camber loss. I’m also considering a new sway bar given that the rear differential is already out, but I’d like to only make one change at a time.

  • Send out rear differential for housing repair and some tweaking.
  • Swap in Cirodesign Caster/Camber plates
  • *maybe* add a rear sway bar


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