Stl Solo Team Challenge

With the final points event of the year done, I’m more readily able to drive my Evo at some of these end of the year events. Last Sunday was one of them. It turned out to be more of a test n tune than anything, but helped me get used to the Evo a little bit, as well as let several other good drivers take it for a spin.

None of the runs times were recorded, nor were the cone calls, so I don’t have accurate account of the runs etc. I believe it turned out to be around a 54.7, though it was dirty (all my runs were dirty).

I think I may run the car next year locally in a slightly illegal STU trim, unless I’m protested otherwise. The things that kick me of out of STU: boost controller (will be at least set to stock boost levels), Cusco rear differential, JDM rear bumper, and no carpet. I’m still not really fully prepped to max STU levels, so I doubt any of this should cause a real problem unless someone is being a stickler.

That said, something interesting to note: I have the 4th place STU driver drive both my Evo as well as a fully prepped SM Evo X with a cage and about 100 more hp, and the driver raw timed the Evo X in my car. Both cars were on street tires. I take this as a good sign that I could do decently in SM if I wanted to just throw on some r-comps. The driver recommended 3 things for my car: Stiffer all around (I’m on 8/10 springs, will probably go to 10/12), a little more rebound (can’t do anything about this one until I get the Ohlins revalved), and a little more grip in the front overall. I may swap the stock Ohlins plates with camber plates that can adjust caster as well to help with the mcstrut front setup. All in all, I take it as a pretty good sign that the car’s relatively well prepped. He also drove it on Gravel instead of Tarmac, which offers less throttle lift tuck than Tarmac does. The car’s development will continue next year, but for now I’m fairly happy with where it is. I just need to get used to driving it. Video below.

Things to work on (Evo):

  • Better lines
  • Braking earlier

Run count: 210 (3 runs in other cars)


  • Tire pressures were at 33psi cold all around, didn’t check or change after that

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