Stl Solo 10

Last points event of the year for St. Louis region SCCA Solo! Despite’s forecast of 0% of rain, it was misting/raining pretty good through parts of the day. However, more than anything, this turned out to be a blessing.

I had Stlsolo’s #1 driver codrive the Mini with me, which once again gave me a little more conviction to stay in the car regardless of the class changes. He indexed first as usual, with a 50.251 on his 5th and final run. As for me, for the first time ever, I not only broke into the Top 10, but also broke into the Top 5! I indexed 4th overall with a time of 52.465. While this is the best overall I’ve ever done in index, I was still basically as far back from first as usual, which means basically the usual fast guys just struggled in the rain. It also means I won’t be moving up any for the St. Louis region championship, where I am (unofficially) going to finish 17th for the year. This is a 21 place jump from last year, which I’m very happy about. My goals this year were to improve, get sponsors, win my class in St. Louis, not be last at Nationals, and reach Top 20 in the St. Louis region – I’ve hit all of these goals, so it’s been a pretty successful year overall!

Codriver’s run:

My fastest:

Pax times here.

Things to work on:

  • Better lines
  • Be on the throttle more

Run count: 202


  • In the wet
  • Ran 39/38 PSIs

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