General Altimax RT43 195/65-15

General Altimax RT43 195/65-15 (Corolla, 11/2014-current)

Bought these to replace the old General Altimax tires I had on the Corolla before. While the tires perform decently, they do seem to have some sort of quality control issue or something. I’ve had several tire leak problems, none of which stemming from the tire actually having a hole except one – the tire was punctured slightly at one point, and had to be patched. Overall they had to be refilled and remounted probably a few dozen times in its life – the tire does eventually seem to heal itself though, and eventually stops leaking.

The pattern does look similar to the Conti Purecontacts I had on the Mini that I unmounted, and they are actually made by the same company. They perform similarly well in the snow as well, which was one of the things I was looking for in this tire. As of October 2015, they’ve got about 10,000 miles on them and the tire wear/tread life is still good. Hoping they last at least 30-40k miles.

Update: 1/31/18

I just switched back to these tires on the Corolla, from the Continental Purecontacts, and these tires feel much more nervous around the center of the wheel, as if the turn-in is slightly delayed. No doubt this will be easy to get used to, and the tires may need to be broken in a little. The overall grip is good, as I had to make an emergency lane change, but the feel seems a bit off compared to the Purecontacts.

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