New Shoes

Got a lot done yesterday, starting the updates slow:

Brand new Enkei RPF1s in Silver, wrapped in beefy Dunlop Z2’s! A while back, I was debating between 205/50 & 225/45 – now that I see the 205s on the 16×7 wheel, I’m glad I went with them. There’s not too much bulge, and the fitment is perfect and well supported. I haven’t weighed the setup, but overall they feel fairly light.

The wheels themselves are very clean, and they look very natural on the car. I think had I gone with any of the other options I was looking at, they would have really stuck out on the car. The RPF1s are much more nondescript, which is my style. The Z2s are nice and beefy, though they have been discontinued now. I’m actually anticipating on tearing through these before the end of the season, so I’ve already got my eye on what to run next once these are toast.

Big updates coming, but for now I’ll end here!

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