Parts! Round 2

Last set of parts have arrived! These parts took nearly an entire month to arrive – these are: JCW Front and Rear springs, matched to my VIN # JCW Front Sway Bar FSB Bushings Front and Rear bump stops (which I actually don’t think I need…) All that’s left to wait on now are the…

More Parts!

More parts are here! The fourth and final Bilstein strut and the Schroth Quick Fit driver’s side harness for the MINI! Pics below. All that’s left now are the springs and FSB, and shipping out the Bilsteins to Fat Cat Motorsports to get custom valved.

First Sponsorship “Package” Arrived

Received this from Turner Motorsport today – two stickers to run on the rear windows per our agreement. Not a bad deal to start a relationship with a company as successful as Turner Motorsport! As of 2/23/2015, Turner Motorsport and I have amicably ended our sponsorship relationship. Best of luck to them!

Parts Received

Received a few parts today and the other day: Mainly, Bilstein struts! Somehow, not sure how this happened, but I only received the FR, FL, and RL struts. Confirmed on the shipping slip as well, just the three. Must have been a mixup somewhere, and thankfully I don’t need these right away (it snowed again…

Parts Order & Blog Catch Up

Everything with the MINI is caught up now blog-wise. Parts ordering has finally begun in order for me to complete my build: JCW Springs and FSB, matched to VIN have been ordered from MINI of South Atlanta Hotchkis Competition Rear Sway Bar & Red Schroth Harness have been ordered from Way Motor Works Bilstein dampers…