Parts Received

Received a few parts today and the other day:

Mainly, Bilstein struts!

Somehow, not sure how this happened, but I only received the FR, FL, and RL struts. Confirmed on the shipping slip as well, just the three. Must have been a mixup somewhere, and thankfully I don’t need these right away (it snowed again last night)… hopefully it will be resolved soon enough.

And also Hotchkis Competition RSB from Way Motor Works:

This is a 25.5mm hollow RSB, which is equivalent to a 22mm solid. Adjusts to 226%, 294%, or 383% stiffer than OEM.

Remaining Parts I’m waiting on:

  • RR Bilstein Sport strut
  • JCW Springs
  • Schroth Quick Fit harness

::update 2/10/2014::

When Bilstein drop ships parts, they can come from different places, hence, I only got three here, and another should probably be coming from another Bilstein warehouse.

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