XPEL Ultimate Clear Bra

This will probably be one of my most invisible mods lol. I had this done for my evo, and LOVED it. Looks like it’ll look just as clear on black as it did on white. I went to a local clear bra specialty shop here, and the film they used was XPEL Ultimate. This film has a 10 year warranty that covers parts AND labor, even better than 3M’s 5yr parts and labor warranty. According to these guys, its the top clear bra film on the market right now, with great protection and also “heals” its scratches. The warranty really says it all though. Hopefully now when I destroy cones I’ll have some protection as I do it 🙂

Areas done:

  • Front bumper, front hood up to 3-5″ past the headlight
  • Headlights themselves
  • Some small door protection
  • Rear bumper tailgate area (don’t know what it’s exactly called)

Looks like the car came with some wax covering some of the bolts to prevent corrosion. I actually have sourced this stuff from a friend of mine, and I’ve used it on a few of my cars just for extra protection in some high risk areas. He said Lexus and Mercedes have been using this stuff, glad to see it’s made it onto the MINI as well.

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