First “Mod”

First mod! Cravenspeed Dipstick!

I, like many others apparently, have had a difficult time reading the oil dipstick – however, my number one reason for purchasing this dipstick was because I heard the OEM dipstick can actually break – a bit of a nightmare apparently. So, decided to go ahead with this new Cravenspeed dipstick, hopefully it is easier to read as well/

It’s not in the car yet – the last 3 days after picking up the car have been non stop rain and t-storms, thankfully the car is under its car cover.


I had no idea how “slinky” it was. I thought it’d be a little more like just a formable wire that would hold it’s position, but it is really kind of a string-like slinky line. I’m a little surprised it works, but obviously it does, so looking forward to installing this part.


Fill to:

Also, a bonus: to make life a little easier, I picked up these:

Honestly, it’s a little incredible that they can do 16,000lbs.



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