Upgrades for the Golf R

After the first autocross event in the Golf, the one major thing I wanted to do was eliminate the body roll in the front, which was horrendous. I was really happy with the quality of the H&R rear sway bar, so I got the 24mm adjustable FSB from H&R as well. Everything was shipped to SPS, so I don’t have any pictures of it myself. They have proprietary bushings that do not require lubrication and everything is built from a single piece.

Given that it would require partially lowering the subframe, I also decided to get subframe locking collars as well. The subframe is known to shift and can cause clunks, which this kit is designed to correct. The kit comes with CNC machined aluminum upper and lower locking collars and various other bits.


Pretty minor set of updates, but really hoping the FSB will make some difference for the horrendous body roll.

One thought on “Upgrades for the Golf R

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