BSCC 06142020 (Golf R)

With the Evo in Chicago ready for the track day and us in between places, I was still able to get an event in with the daily driver, the Golf R. The car is still seriously underprepped for STH, but not a bad way to get some more seat time in.

The only change between the first event and today’s was the addition of the FSB and subframe locking collars. By simple miscommunication, we ended up setting the FSB on the stiffer setting. Without access to my tools, I was unable to change this prior to the event.

The Golf didn’t understeer as horribly as I was concerned that it would, but it did introduce some numbness to the front, in exchange for the reduced body roll. The numbness did bother me enough to get an appointment to get the FSB switched to the soft setting ahead of Wednesday’s track day, which I will be driving both the Golf & the Evo.

It was another fast course with Boeing, enough that I had to go into third twice in the Golf. The course did flow pretty well, but I didn’t get a fast clean run in. Staying on the rev limiter did result in the same CEL as the first event, so as much as I needed I should shift when close. As part of all the cars getting mixed around, I also didn’t have the sprayer with me – surprisingly enough, the RS4s didn’t fall off as steeply without the spray – very convenient, and hopefully that tells me it will hold up fine on the track as well. We will find out soon!

Set Up:

  • STH Prep
  • Unitronic Stage 2+
  • Vorshlag Camber/Caster Plates, H&R FSB (Stiff), H&R RSB (Soft)
  • ECS Full Off
  • Enkei Raijin 18×8.5 +42, 255/35-18 RS4s
  • Camber at -2.2 F, -18 R, 1/32nd toe-in F/R
  • 3/5 Tank
  • 35psi all around on RS4s

Notes (Golf R):

  • More seat time needed
  • Rev limiter for 2nd at 58mph
  • 2020 Runs (Golf: 12 runs on RS4s)

2020 Run Count: 18 (+6 Golf R)

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