Stl Solo 2018-8 09302018

As this was my 5th event in the M3, I wanted to get a codriver/instructor into the car with me, to see what areas I should continue targeting in my driving. I was feeling pretty good after the BSCC event last week, felt like I had built a lot of confidence in getting on the throttle, and being more aggressive without lighting up the wheels constantly. This wound up backfiring on me a little, as BSCC courses tend to be way straighter, with less severe angles & corners that I need to accelerate out of.

I think two trouble spots that ended up costing me the most time were the two left-handers in the first half of the course; the one after the initial slalom, and the one coming out of that box into the next left turn. I didn’t slow down enough for either of those turns, and they cost me a lot of distance & speed. Based on my codriver’s runs, I can work on pushing the car harder in transitions, carrying more speed, and knowing when I can really lay into it, and getting comfortable on the edge. I also need to practicing maintaining speed in slaloms, instead of being on and off the throttle. In other words, I’ve got a lot of seat time needed to really get quicker in this car.

Things to work on (M3):

  • Smoother throttle control, but be more aggressive with it early on
  • Quicker in slaloms/transitions, maintain steady throttle in slaloms
  • Get comfortable getting close to the limit, ease off slowly but quickly
  • Look ahead more, smoother steering
  • More brakes when needed, less when not

Notes (M3):

  • 1/4 tank
  • Camber at -1.6, -1.6 rear,  0 toe front 1/32 toe-in rear
  • 33F/31R
  • M Mode, Power mode off, DSC Off, Shocks on hard setting.
  • 9,775 Pax Points
  • 2018 Runs in Car & on Tires: 28 (+10 RE71Rs, 34 on Tires)

2018 Run Count: 74 (+5 M3)

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