Lux H8 V5 Bulbs – E92 M3

Picked up & installed some Lux H8 V5 adjustable bulbs today. I picked these over the 180s, as I wasn’t sure what exact output the 180s would come with – I’ve had 6000k bulbs that looked too blue, 4500s that looked spot on white, etc. The V5s, being adjustable, would allow me to tailor the color to exactly match what I was looking to run. I’ve initially set these at 5000k, but will likely flip it to 5700k for a whiter light.

Install is straightforward, the H8 bulbs for the angel eyes are covered by plastic caps inside the hood. I used a pry tool to remove, per below.

Once uncovered, you can reach and twist out the back of the H8 bulbs. If the car was just on, give it some time as these are going to be HOT. The most difficult part of this install is finagling the new H8 bulb into the housing. Will require finesse and patience, but it will go in if you angle it right. Some before/after pics below.


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