Stl Solo 2018-5 07292018

Second event in the M3 this season, first with Stl Solo & at Gateway MSP. Set a pretty decent time of 43.408 on my 3rd run, but couldn’t seem to match it with my later runs. Comparing later runs to it, it looks like at least my last run was nearly as fast most of the way through – a little time lost exiting the slow right hander into the sweeper where I lost a little traction, but a tenth at most. The majority of time was actually in the last corner and through the slalom – looks like I got on the throttle much sooner on the 3rd run, and accelerated into the slalom much more aggressively and carried more speed through it. Will need to work on being more aggressive in corners, getting used to how neutral/oversteer-y the car is, and carrying more speed through elements/not braking so much. I thought this run wasn’t clean/may have hit a cone, but I’m not entirely sure. Didn’t see anything obvious on the run.



Things to work on (M3):

  • Seat time to get comfortable in the car
  • Better throttle control, get on throttle as early as possible, smoother throttle
  • Look ahead more, smoother steering
  • More aggressive/carry more speed in corners & slaloms

Notes (M3):

  • 0.2 tank (started at 75mi to empty)
  • Camber at -1.6, -1.6 rear,  0 toe front 1/32 toe-in rear
  • 33F/31R
  • M Mode, DSC Off, Shocks on middle setting. Will try no M mode, which will just make the steering lighter
  • ?? Pax
  • 2018 Runs: 11 (+5 RE71Rs)

2018 Run Count: 57 (+5 M3)

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