E92 M3 – Gloss Black Kidney Grill

While I really did not think the chrome grills were going to bother me, after a few pictures it started to and I decided to swap them out for gloss black ones. This is an easy mod, just requires some finesse and finger strength and a few tools. One note – I was looking at OEM parts, but there are way, way cheaper options out there that fit fine at a third of the cost. I got mine from Amazon, with the ///M stripes on them. Do all work at your own risk.


  • T30 torx
  • Flat head/panel pryer
  • Patience

Pop the hood. There are 4 t30 torx bolts that will need to be removed. Removing these allow the front portion of the bumper, which houses the grills, to be pulled forward. This is a very flexible area of the front bumper.

Once those are removed, this area is free to move around. Note the position of the screws, but it shouldn’t matter much.

It was difficult to do this job while taking pictures, but these are held on by 6 clips total: 3 at the top, 2 at the bottom, and 1on the side. Gently start pushing the clips down, and out/forward. Do one at a time, and it is flexible to be worked off. I found it easier to start at the bottom, so just us a light to check where exactly the tab is. You can use a flathead but I think fingers are easier.

Work out one side, and then do the other. When reinstalling these, make sure to align all 6 tabs and push through straight forward. It may take some pushing to get the clips fully locked into place, so make sure everything is aligned properly – that’s it! A pretty easy install overall.

Before – the chrome honestly isn’t terrible in some lights, like below, but too many instances where it doesn’t look very good at all.



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