CCSCC 08132017

Very, very tough course today. When people are struggling to get clean runs on the board, usually a sign that it’s a bad course. Apparently the course was opened up and vastly improved from yesterday, which was surprising. Course was not friendly for cars set up for larger, more open courses. With 2-3 turn arounds, one of them being a single cone twist, really had to pull it all the way back to make it around – on top of which, the evo itself has a terrible turning radius. There were no real straights, most of the course was some form of sweeper, which was again not ideal but manageable in the Evo. Overall though, definitely not what I would consider an Evo-friendly course.

Started the heat with a DNF, dirty run, DNF again, dirty run again. I finally put a 55.1 clean on the books, leaving me open to put down a flyer. I set the car into Tarmac from Gravel and laid down a 54.2, clean. The run doesn’t look like anything special, but the car felt way better in Tarmac, with less understeer overall. Ended up 2nd in raw and 2nd in index, but overall the course was a bear and i’m looking forward to more traditional courses from CCSCC.


Things to work on (Evo):

  • Line, looking ahead
  • Slalom spacing, cone spacing in general
  • Slowing down enough in tight corners
  • Brake/slow down less to carry more speed through corners without having to re-accelerate and upset chassis

Notes (Evo):

  • 1/4 tank
  • Camber at -3.3, -1.9 rear, 0 toe front, -1/32 toe rear
  • 35psi all around
  • ACD: Tarmac, Dampers 6 from stiff front, 5 from stiff rear, RSB on medium
  • Pax Points: 9,952
  • 2017 Runs: 30

2017 Run Count: 65 (+6 Evo)

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