CCSCC 05142016

Got a brief glimpse of improvement at CCSCC today – definitely some Mini favorable elements, but one of the runs felt really good – unfortunately, I drained my camera and wasn’t able to record my fast run. The only time I recorded was my 5th run, which was about a second slower than my fastest, and lines were pretty bad. I think most of the time I lost compared to my fastest was in the slalom and the mini-chicane in the back. Gives me hope for improvement, would be great if I could get back to where I was last year, where I felt really good with the car.

The good news is, my fastest was a clean 53.090 – good for 1st in class by 1.8s and 5th in index, my best official finish of all time.. hopefully I can build on it!

Index results here.
Class results here.
Raw time results here.

Things to work on (Mini):

  • Tighter lines in a few spots
  • Carry more speed!!

Notes (Mini):

  • 6/9ths tank
  • Ran 40/40
  • 5th place in index! 0.632 from 1st, 0.8s raw time from first
  • 9,851 index points
  • 2016 Runs: 22

2016 Run Count: 34 (+5 Mini)

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