Stl Solo 3 – 05012016

Without the Civic there, an easy win for the Mini in HS. With that, I just need 4 more wins to win the class, out of the next 7. Not sure if it’ll be doable, we’ll see soon. Frustratingly, was unable to beat my 1st run today, by a pretty wide margin. I had difficult staying clean, but the raw time capability was there in the 1st run. I think the problem was, I used the 1st run as a baseline for what the car could do, but in reality the grip jumps up rapidly after the 1st run. Need to keep this in mind, and try to run the 2nd run exactly like I run the 1st run (or faster). Frustrating, but time is there. I just need to drive better. 1st run was a 49.176, 4th was 49.803, my fastest clean.

Was also way more on the edge with the first run, attacking the course more aggressively. First run clean would have been good for a top 10 finish, and one of my all time best differentials to 1st place.

Index results here.
Class results here.
Raw time results here.

Things to work on (Mini):

  • Line
  • Don’t use 1st run as a baseline for grip, keep pushing the car
  • Carry more speed
  • Need to be more linear with the throttle, some spots coming out of corners angled where the tires spun – whatever braking LSD the Mini has, it doesn’t work well

Notes (Mini):

  • 2/9ths tank
  • Ran 40/40
  • Distance from 10th – 0.441
  • Pax Points: 9,572; Pax Time Behind: 1.702
  • 2016 Runs: 17

2016 Run Count: 29 (+5 Mini)

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