BSCC 11012015 (Mini)

I leveled up.

That’s the only way I can really describe my performance from the last event, and now this one. If only this weren’t all happening after all the points events had finished. Squashing any concerns that the last event (technically two courses) was a fluke, I had yet another best-ever performance.

I actually didn’t feel that great about my run. The course wasn’t that difficult in that there were any elements that separated the boys from the men – just a very straightforward course, and with a drag start at that. I was struggling with the left hander around 35s, but I didn’t seem to lose much time tightening that up. I was trying different things with the braking after the first slalom, but not much change there either. My 4th run was a 51.191, and my 5th was a 51.193, and dropped off a bit after that. A 51 flat was definitely there, but I just wasn’t able to reach it. Despite my dissatisfaction with my runs, it was yet again my fastest ever, with a rough pax points of 9815. Car is still handling okay, but definitely time to flip the tires front to back. I’m also feeling the desire for a mechanical diff, which is obviously not allowed. Hopefully the RE71R grip takes care of that. Right now, just floored at how much speed I’ve added, and still not 100% sure where it’s coming. I’m definitely looking farther ahead and pushing harder, and hard in the slaloms, but still hard to believe how fast I’ve gotten. Especially interesting considering how many runs the Z2SS have on them – 140, albeit 120 or so from the Miata – but still. Very impressed with these tires – I’d put them on the Evo to handle the road racing duty also if they weren’t so expensive.

Only two more events left this year!! A Gateway AX event I’m going to use to test the shocks, and the CCSCC annual year end event back in the Mini, where I hope to continue my good driving streak.

Things to work on (Mini):

  • Keep looking ahead – now 2 gates minimum ahead, really does help
  • Keep pushing harder
  • Keep it going in slaloms
  • Lines are decent, but more control, tighter in some corners

Notes (Mini):

  • 3/9ths full tank
  • Ran 40/42psi
  • 140 +6 runs on Dunlop Z2’s

2015 Run Count: 212 (+6 Mini)

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