Continental TrueContact 185/65-15 (Mini)

Continental TrueContact 185/65-15 (Mini, 11/2015-current):

Initial impressions of this tire are very good. Main purpose was to use as a daily cruiser and highway tire for trips. This will play especially key in next year, as the RE71Rs truly disintegrate it seems.

They are much narrower than what I’ve been running, so there is a lot less turning resistance and a lot less rolling resistance. They are also narrower than the 195/65-15 Continental PureContacts that I used to run. I think those tires were just a bit too wide and too tall for the Mini, and I didn’t really see much net gain out of running them. Hoping to see a little from these tires.

These tires are also the best rated standard touring all season tire on Tire Rack (1st of 22). Much higher rated than the General RT43s I used to run on the Corolla, which were also very good. There were some concerns (from others) about the T rating category on these tires. Truth be told, for my purposes that doesn’t matter at all. I will never need more grip than these tires provide on the street, as I have my own summer tires to switch to for actual racing. Grip in the wet has proved very good, and I’m really looking forward to how these tires do in the light snow!

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