Evo Carpet Back In!

About a year ago the Evo got it’s carpet wet in a mini flash flood. Nothing was damaged and nothing more happened other than the carpet itself getting wet, but due to the dirtiness of the water I decided to throw that carpet out. Patiently waited for an Evo part out on evom where someone would be selling theirs, and I finally picked one up for a very good deal. Been pretty busy these days and the rain has kept me from really working on the car, but I was finally able to tackle this today.

Fortunately since I had removed the carpet earlier, I knew exactly what I needed to take out:

  • Front and rear seats
  • Center Console
  • Shifter Console
  • Driver’s side foot rest
  • Plastic trim by the door
  • Lower portion of the seatbelt bolt

Really glad I got this done, and the carpet is really like new, actually in better condition than the old one was. Also readjusted my driver’s seat so I could have more range in movement front and back, and also adjusted the harness bar a little better. Pics below!


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