StlSolo 6 – 07262015

Yet another weekend clouded by bad weather.. Started off with the Fun Ford on Saturday, where I volunteered and took two “fun runs” in a CS prepped NC Miata. Key here is that it was on RE71Rs – my first time driving on them, and I am a believer. The car just flat out sticks. There’s a huge amount of grip, and I’m all that more convinced I need them for both cars.

The Mini’s tires are slowly approaching 200 runs (theoretically 230 by the end of the year), and it was revealed to me today that the Z1ss, which is what the Evo is on, has a change in compound midway through the tire – so while it wears like iron, it has absolutely no grip once I reach that point – which I have. The tires are now over 3 years old, with about 80 autox runs and 6-7k street miles. I am hoping I see a 1s boost in performance from both by switching to new tires, though I don’t see how that’s even possible for the Mini – would launch me very high up as far as index goes.

Was sad to see today’s course go to more of the traditional power favoring variety, with a lot sections that ended up as tight turns/low speed digs to pretty straight zones. Due to the weather and low registration numbers, we decided to a run 2 heat split format – 4 runs in the morning and 3 runs in the afternoon for a total of 7 runs. The Boeing event, which I had planned to attend, was canceled anyway, as they do not run in the rain at all. This worked out, as the 2nd heat started getting some very dry runs, and then luckily that held out for us in the 3rd heat as well. Videos of the runs below, fastest wet and fastest dry. It seems my tires have about one good “hot” lap in them before they start scrubbing everywhere.. Will need to figure out something to get me through the rest of the year. I’d love new tires but I’m on a budget. I may just have to race uncompetitively this year, and come back with a vengeance for next year.

After this, there’s a TnT which I’ll be taking the Evo for, and then a small break as the Mini goes under the knife. One small change I’m hoping will get the car a little looser, it’s my last option before playing with toe.



Results here.

Things to work on (Mini):

  • Keep looking ahead
  • Keep improving the slalom
  • Keep a tighter line on sweepers

Notes (Mini):

  • 4/9 Tank
  • 38/42 PSI, felt good
  • 176 runs on tires

2015 Run Count: 144 (+7 Mini, +2 Other (NC Miata))

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