2008-2014 Honda Fit Oil Change How To

First maintenance I’m doing for my ’10 Fit is an oil change. Straightforward as usual, and I like how the oil pan is designed, with the filter in front and the drain plug in back. The oil I decided to use was Amsoil SSO 5w20, with an Amsoil ea15k13 oil filter. This oil is rated for 15-25k miles & the filter is rated for 15k miles, or 1 year respectively for both. I don’t anticipate driving more than 15k per year anyway, so I will be sticking with 1 year OCI’s. With a similar combo on my Corolla, I went 1 year and 16k miles with a very decent oil analysis. Let me know if you want to try Amsoil, I get much better rates than what the website lists. How to below!


Step 1: Pop the hood! Oil cap is in the upper left next to the motor. Get the car up either with stands or ramps.

Dipstick and oil filter shown here, from above.

Oil and filter ready!

Step 2: Rear of drain pan, drain plug shown. Use a 17mm wrench to remove. Tip: push the bolt “in” as you unscrew it to prevent oil from spilling out. Drain when oil is warm.

Oil draining! Let it drain all the way.

Step 3: Front of drain pan with oil filter. Unscrew this. Some oil will spill out as you do.

Filter comparison. Cheap filter before it actually lost the rubber seal as it was removed.


Step 4: Install new filter! Amsoil Ea15k13 was a perfect fit. Almost went bigger as I do with the Evo, but it’s a good thing I didn’t. Remember to “wet” the rubber seal on the filter with old oil before you put it on. Usually I fill the filter with some oil first, but due to the way it sits it would all spill out anyway.

Step 5: Once the oil is finished draining, reinstall the drain plug. Both filter and drain plug I tighten to hand tight.

Step 6: Use a funnel and fill her up! If you’ve done it right it will take EXACTLY 1 gallon of oil.

Drive it around the block first and let it cool before you measure to get the oil flowing through the filter and all the lines to get an accurate measurement. That’s it! I’ll report back in 1 year with a used oil analysis to see how the oil did!


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