Stl Solo 2 – 05172015

Second home event of the year. Didn’t go that great, but more on that later.

Stressful start to the day, as I decided to do worker assignments as my work assignment, and had a lot of trouble getting enough workers for heat 1. I also had some of my friends from Champaign who wanted to codrive the car themselves during Heat 1, which I agreed to on certain conditions: 1, that they run in HS with me (offered to run in STF), 2, that they let me record a couple of their runs and give my girlfriend a ride-along, and finally that they let me drive theirs for a grudge match later this year.

They were very fast today, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to match their speed. Dan was able to run a 45.638, good for 6th in index. Kia ran a 45.887, putting him 9th. I codrive with my girlfriend, and we did 46.424 & 53.842 respectively. Because of the threat of rain, we had a lot of people move to the first and second heats, and there weren’t but maybe 15 drivers in third heat. This resulted in Claire and I running practically back to back, and I’m wondering if that resulted in my so-so performance today. These tires don’t seem to like being hot, and I struggled to beat even the first run I put down, which was a 46.480.

My miata co owners also drove today, and did as expected. Again Matt was able to raw time me, but only just so. Hoi is still lagging behind, from what I can tell just not carrying as much speed through most elements, not on the ragged edge. Videos of all below:







Results here.

Things to work on (Mini):

  • Faster in the slaloms!
  • Slow in fast out some elements more.
  • Still late on some turns, need to anticipate better and turn in better

Notes (Mini):

  • 4/9 tank
  • 39/41psi

2015 Run Count: 75 (+5 Mini)

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