BSCC 05092015

Boeing 1 had unfortunately been canceled due to rain, and there was real possibility for this event to be canceled as well. The forecast wasn’t looking good, but fortunately the morning was relatively dry, and so the event was on, regardless of what rain would come down later. Doubly lucky, being a Saturday event this was the first time I could be there all day, which paid off as I got to run in the first heat. We got two dry runs in before it started getting really wet out, and my fastest run ended up being my second, with a 56.273. This was good enough for FTDi, my 2nd, and 2nd with the BSCC

However, I had a lot of things I wanted to fix with that run: the first was with the first slalom. It was a decreasing pace slalom, starting around 28 paces, and eventually getting down to 20 paces. I was able to enter fine, but I ended up being quite snappy with the steering wheel toward the end. I think I could have gone faster in the beginning and stayed light on the brakes throughout to get through to the end. The second part was the turn-around after the right turn, which I took too fast & too wide. I fixed that in later runs, but they were in the wet. Finally, I struggled a little with the final slalom, getting into the rhythm, and I was far off from the cones and in general not as fast as I could have been. Overall, slaloms need work. Being one of the few people who got a dry run in this event, I did well, but a lot of work to do.

Things to work on (Mini):

  • Faster in the slaloms
  • Closer to cones in the sweeper, tighter lines
  • Still late on some turns, need to anticipate better and turn in better

Notes (Mini):

  • 2 dry runs before wet
  • 4/9 tank
  • 36/40psi

2015 Run Count: 70 (+6 Mini)

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