Evo Ride Height, Alignment & Corner Balance 2015

With all the changes I’d made, I had SPS once again align and corner balance the Evo. With the new plates, the alignment specs became:

Overally pretty satisfied with how it turned out. I thought I’d get a liittle more caster out of the plates than I did, but I think for now everything is good and I’m excited to test it out. Again, the plates were part of a number of mods I was doing to increase front grip essentially, but with the springs on correctly now any incremental gain I have is going to be a bonus as far as the balance of the car.

Looks like with a half tank, which is what I normally race at, the car will be right around 3200lbs, which is fine. About 85lbs lighter than stock. The actual balance will be slightly different, as I actually opted to raise the front after the corner balance was done. I really dislike low cars, and how the car was was just a touch too low for me. I was assured by SPS that as long as I turned the fronts each by the exact same amount, I shouldn’t really disturb the corner balance, and actually improve weight distribution. I also forgot and realized when I raced the Evo that I was comparing the fender gap based on the commuter tires, which are very tall compared to the race tires. So now, the fender gap is great, maybe even a little too much lol! Pics below:


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