Evo Rear Sway Bar

As time has permitted, I’ve been getting little things done for the Evo. To recap, I’ve been waiting for the rear diff to be refreshed and returned to me, which it was a week or so ago.

Rear diff with rear cover by Jon@TRE. Includes sight glass to see the oil

Decided to add a Whiteline 24mm adjustable RSB in the meantime. OEM is 22mm

McMaster Carr Super-slick UMHW tape to add to the bar to prevent binding.

Installed! I had originally removed it when the diff was out, so I had no problems finagling it out – installing however, was another story. I didn’t realize the arms of the bar slotted above the control arm and below the axle, which was nearly impossible to get in without dropping one of the arms.

Rear diff filled – as of 3/31/2015, everything in the rear of the car has been bolted up.


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