Miata Prep!

Wanted to make a quick Miata update –

New bumpstops – pictures lost. These are the front bumpstops, which began to disintegrate at the bottom. Very soft overall. These bumpstops & packers come from the rear of my Mini.

Doing the fronts were very difficult compared to the rear. We used the ‘Long Bolt’ method to pull the arm off, then compress the arm to pull the damper out, swapped bumpstops and reinstalled.

Rear bumpstops were very easy. Same process as the front but there’s a joint we could unbolt to press down on the arm. We also had to undo the rear sway bar. Unfortunately we spent a lot of time trying to undo the endlink and broke the right one before we determined just to undo the sway bar.

Rear bumpstops were extremely soft – I could compress it in my palm.

Rear pads and rotor out (and damper out, note the top arm is unbolted). We struggled getting the rear pads in, turns out you need to adjust something for the rear brakes, which also impacts the e-brake, which we found out the hard way. We used stoptech pads in front & rear.

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