70% Windshield Tint (Evo, Sequoia)

New 70% windshield tints for both the Evo and the Sequoia. The Sequoia I did because of all the long hauling planned in the car. Windshield tinting makes it easier on the eyes, especially after lasik. I don’t really like wearing sunglasses over long hauls, so windshield tinting has always been a go-to for my cars. 70% is actually a touch darker than what I’ve gotten in the past (80%) and it’s pretty noticeable – really like it.

Enough so that I decided to redo the Evo in 70%. The Evo’s had a slight tear in it’s old 80% tint, but the bigger reason was because it’ll make racing a touch easier in sunlight as well.


One thought on “70% Windshield Tint (Evo, Sequoia)

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