ATS Front Differential Adjustment

The stock ATS front differential comes with 30-40kgm of preload – this is a lot of preload. A big part of why they are able to get away with it is due to their carbon disks, which allow for smooth engagement even with a lot of preload. This works great in the rear diff, but it’s been causing a good amount of clunking in the front. As such, I’ve removed one of the spring disks with a 1.4mm flat washer supplied by ATS to reduce the clunking. This also reduces the preload down to 15-20kgm of preload, which is still a lot of preload. I’ve noticed that at very low speeds the front differential wants to bind, causing some drag. This should then reduce any understeer I may see on turn-in/sharp turns out on track as well, sacrificing some lockup on acceleration. I don’t think there will be much if any wheel spin even on this setup, but we will see. The front of the Evo is always heavily loaded and the amount of time that the wheels will be at a severe angle while also accelerating should be minimal as well.


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