All of the Bushings

New bushings ordered before the Evo’s annual corner balance and alignment – still haven’t taken care of since the accident, but everything should still be straight with the car. Noticed the Whiteline outer tie rod ends were torn, as well as the Superpro duro3741k caster bushings. Not sure if this was due to 4-6 years of wear and tear or from the accident, but regardless, needed to be replaced. Both seem to have had a redesigns to what I used to have, though the Whiteline one seems mainly cosmetic.

In speaking to SuperPro, the design was indeed updated. In the previous set, the holes were present, but then filled with a second pour of polyurethane. By leaving the holes unfilled, the bushings transmit slightly less road noise without a significant impact on deflection or performance.

I think it’s important to note – the steering rack bushings I got from Superpro were NOT the correct bushings. The design is indeed slightly different. The shape is designed for RHD vehicles, not LHD vehicles. Fortunately the other bushings did fit and were confirmed to be blown, the WL design is just not very good. We did get another WL steering bushing kit, just for the main portion (below).




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