STL Solo Novice School 07282019 (Evo)

Taught at the annual novice school again for 2019, with the expectation that I would be able to get in a few runs for testing and tuning the Evo’s new ACD map and making sure the brakes were working as desired.

Unfortunately, this was cut short due to the Evo blowing off an intercooler piping hose that I didn’t have the means to reach at the event. Got in about 2 runs feeling out the car before I had to reel it in for the day. I got the car up when I got back, and immediately found & correct the hose (upper intercooler side attaching to the intercooler itself). Haven’t gotten a chance to run the car since, but 99.9% sure that is the cause, since the clamp was not holding the hose on anymore. At the very least, glad it happened at autox and not at a track day. I was also able to spot another leak on the brake calipers, which are going to be rebuilt soon anyway.

First run (second DNF’d):

Set Up:

  • 24psi tune, 93 octane, 310hp
  • Ohlins DFV, 8k/11k; Shocks 6/5
  • Tanabe FSB; WL 26mm RSB; Soft
  • DC-ACD: Tarmac; OS Giken Rear Diff
  • Camber at -3.5, -1.9 rear,  -1/32nd toe front 0 (erring on negative) toe rear
  • At 3/4 tank
  • CE28N 18×9.5; 255/35-18 Bridgestone RE71Rs
  • 36psi all around on RE71Rs

Notes (Evo):

  • Car felt great, dynamically, off throttle. Not a lot of push anymore, as long as I don’t try to go into a corner too hot.
  • Focus on slaloms
  • Look ahead and through corners
  • 2019 Track days (2, 2 on RE71Rs)
  • 2019 Runs (20 on Evo, 14 runs on RE71Rs)

2019 Run Count: 20 (+2 Evo)

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