Evo Maintenance & New TRE T-Case Magnet

Had a chance to do some heavy duty maintenance this weekend. Evo oil was changed to the 10w30 “30wt” Red Line race oil, the transfer case and rear diff got flushes for the 75w90 GL5 gear oil, and the trans was flushed to 75w85 GL4, with a touch of 75w90 GL4 trans fluid. 39,306 miles done on 6/16/19. Trans & T-case overfilled as usual to help longevity.

While doing the t-case, also swapped in TRE’s t-case magnet & heat sink. It replaces the service port at the bottom of the t-case, adds a big fat magnet to collect metal bits more/better than just the drain plug, and adds some cooling fits to act as a better heat sink. All of this is to preserve the life of the t-case, which is the only stock part left of my drivetrain. Rear diff is OSG 1.5, trans was built by TRE a while ago. The OEM service port is held on with 4 10mm bolts. Just takes a little finger strength to pull the part off once the bolts are on. The new TRE part is held on with 4 5mm hex heads.

Pics below.


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