2019 Alignment & Corner Balance (Evo)

Prior to corner balancing the car, I decided to pull out any preload I could find in the car to help with how the car behaves when a corner touches back down and general handling and ride quality improvements. Turns out most of the corners didn’t have too much preload, ~0.25-0.5″, which is still a tad on the high side, and dropped those down to minimal couple mm. The driver’s side had about 0.75″ of preload on it, so I pulled that way back down to around 2-3mm also. I learned from Ohlins that the suspension bodies all have a safety marking on the bottom set of threads, so I was able to add all the preload height I removed back at the bottom without worrying if I wasn’t leaving enough thread.

The car also got a few tweaks with the new rear bar and new endlinks, so all this was worth re-doing the corner balance. The endlinks hopefully will address some of the clunking I’ve been experiencing in the front of the car. I used the Whiteline KLC139 for the front & the Whiteline KLC102 for the rear.

Minor updates for 2019, just to get things back in line after the various changes this off season:


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