E92 M3 – Ti Lug Nuts

As part of STM’s holiday sales, they had an absolutely insane deal on a set of titanium lug nuts. While these are “meant” for the Evo, they are open ended lug nuts using the 12×1.5 thread pattern – same as the E92 M3’s studs. I likely won’t swap these out for the chromoly ones until the season starts, but Ti lug nuts are the perfect blend of strength and light weight, usable on the track without fear of losing them like aluminum ones, while still saving some weight. In fact, these are lighter than the Kyo Ei titanium lug nuts, which makes sense, as they are a little shorter and open ended. The design is also very similar, and both take a 17mm hex. Wasn’t planning on getting these, but couldn’t pass up that deal.

Kyo Ei on the left; STM on the right:

Kyo Ei Titanium lug nut weight – 30 grams:

STM Titanium lug nut weight – 26 grams:


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