Apex ARC8 Wheels

Off the bat, new wheels for the M3. The stock wheels are a very hefty 19×9 & 19×10, and with the current FS allowance, we are allowed to go up or down 1″ in wheel diameter. Obviously, 18s are the way to go here, and the ARC8s are a very good looking, similar to OEM styled wheel. The specs are 18×9 +30 & 18×10 +25, weighing 18 and 20 lbs respectively, which is not bad at all. I got them in the hyper silver finish, and for the 2018 season will be running 275/35-18 RE71Rs. I have been comparing tire heights and its likely I’ll try 285/35-18s next time, but this will be a great kick-off to the M3’s prep.

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