BSCC 2018-1 03182018

First event of 2018 – a lot of changes for the Evo this off season, but the car felt largely the same, apart of the tires. The ultimate grip isn’t far off but it feels like there is a delay in the steering to when the car actually turns. I also wasn’t able to adjust the tire pressures on the car, as they were either already too low and one valvestem strangely had something in it, so I’ll reavaluate with proper pressures in the tires.

The brakes felt great & the motor felt strong. Planning to flush all fluids after this event. Great start to 2018.

Fortunately someone took a few pics at the event. Looks like I am at about the limit of what size/offset wheel I can run on the car:

Things to work on (Evo):

  • Better lines
  • Re-learn braking
  • Look ahead more to fix the late steering
  • Smooth out steering, one single arc for turns – build more confidence/knowledge in car placement per steering turn
  • Turn-in is late

Notes (Evo):

  • 3/8ths tank
  • Camber at -3.3, -1.9 rear,  0 toe front 0 toe rear
  • 33-35psi
  • ACD: Gravel, Dampers 6/5 F/R, RSB on stiff
  • Pax Points: 9,616
  • 2018 Runs: 6

2018 Run Count: 6 (+6 Evo)

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