Evo Mid-Season Improvements

Few minor changes for mid-2017:

  • Lightweight Battery – losing about 25lbs in the front/top of the car directly in front of the driver
  • Thrust bearings – Used instead of torrington bearings to help spring rotate. Torrington bearings are all 2.5″, just a little too tight for the 65mm (2.56″) swifts & ohlins.
  • Adjusted front suspension slightly, a little less preload/lower ride height in front
  • Resonator clamped onto exhaust for decreased sound – mild improvement
  • Tuned to eliminate rev-hang more, theory that rev-hang could hurt braking via lack of engine braking
  • Evo 8 wing – stronger, actual CF wing vs. Evo 9 plastic wing. Pending delivery
The suspension changes will require a re-alignment and CB for next year, but should be fairly close to round out the rest of the year.

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