Stl Solo 6

Further testing the brake issues I was having, decided to autox the Evo this event. Could more or less rule out that the master cylinder is okay, it’s just a really sucky pad. Spent most of the day TNT’ing the new set up – clicks on the dampers & how the new FSB felt. The car was still very loose the first two runs, then pretty pushy after that. I will have to adjust the shocks and for the next event I’ll give the rear bar in the middle a run. I tested the ACD setups, running on Tarmac last, which might account for the drift in the last run. Car feels okay, but I think it lost some front end bite with the FSB. Hopefully rear bar in the middle will give it back. I think stiffening the shocks even further (was running like 13/10 or something) will help. Looks like the last event at BSCC I was on 10/9. Will start the next event at 9 all around and the rear bar in the middle and see how it feels from there.

Index results here.
Class results here.
Raw time results here.

Fastest clean was a 53.264, which would have put me 23rd in index – not too bad. Following the normal differential with the Mini, could have very conceivably run a 55.8 in the Mini – not too bad.

Going to have SPS realign the subframe, as the suspension is a little off, and then see if it gets rid of the popping noise I’ve been hearing. Also planning a fairly decent brake upgrade to see if it helps with pedal feel and braking, but may not be ready for the next event.

Things to work on (Evo):

  • Focus on the line, not the car
  • Brake earlier, more, and power out

Notes (Evo):

  • 3/4ths tank
  • 36psi all around
  • 2016 Runs: 18 in the Evo
  • Was testing a variety of setups
  • Will run rear bar at middle to balance out the FSB, 9 clicks from stiff all around at the next event

2016 Run Count: 79 (+6 Evo)

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