CCSCC 07242016

Took the Evo out for some more testing at CCSCC. Started off the bat with the shocks set to 5 clicks all around, rear bar on middle setting, and tires at 36psi all around. It is a hair on the loose side but not too bad for now, and softened the rear to 7 clicks and it still felt okay. It was hot concrete though so for asphalt may want to go softer than that. A lot of the behavior is totally dependent on my input and the car’s state, so I had to work especially hard to be smooth with the steering. It seems like it will be good practice for RWD down the road, compared to FWD’s more flingability.

Managed a 46.333 +1 when I reigned things in a little. The car definitely has a push from the outer rear tire in corners when WOT, and I’m getting used to that feeling. The worst thing I can do in those situations is to lift, so it took some work to trust the car could do it. I must have just backsided a cone on one of the offsets. Debating setting the rear bar back to soft for a little more stability – this course didn’t have slaloms, which was to my benefit. The rest of the runs usually had some sort of drift, though always manageable.

Pax times here.
Raw times here.
Total results here.

Things to work on (Evo):

  • Focus on the line, not the car
  • Brake earlier, more, and power out
  • Get used to feeling the rear diff, trusting the car
  • Smooth out steering

Notes (Evo):

  • 1/3rd tank
  • 36psi all around
  • ACD: Snow; Dampers: 5 from stiff all around, then 7 from stiff in rear; RSB: middle
  • Next event: leave everything, run shocks at 5/6
  • 2016 Runs: 24 in the Evo

2016 Run Count: 85 (+6 Evo)

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