Dunlop ZII Star Spec 205/50-16 (Mini 09/2015-11/2015)

Swapped these tires from our NB Miata, as we were planning to sell the car anyway. Right away noticed that, even though the tire is the same 205, runs much wider (nearly an inch) compared to the 205/45-16 RS3s. Thanks to the Miata being kind on the tires, the flipped side had very little wear, with the wear triangles perfectly intact. I received the tires with 115 runs on them, but they still felt very meaty, very grippy. Compared to the 177 run RS3s, I picked up about 0.3-0.5s in raw time – though I can’t say I wouldn’t have picked that up on any tire, including new RS3s. These are just a cheap stopgap on the way to the RE71Rs. Nonetheless, really glad I put these on – allowed me to exercise the increase in driving ability that I had built on the worn out RS3s. Put about 2,500 miles & 152 Autox Runs on them.

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